Angelcare Monitors Inc. Recalls Nearly 600,000 Movement and Sound Baby Monitors Due to Deaths

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Angelcare Monitors Inc. have announced a voluntary recall, in which nearly 600,000 baby monitors are being recalled after two infant deaths were reported.

The recall affects thousands of Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitors with sensor pads. According to the CPSC and Angelcare, the 11 feet long electrical cord that is attached to the sensor pads in the baby monitors is placed under the mattress in the crib, therefore, posing a strangulation risk if the infant pulls the cord into the crib and wraps it around their neck.

The recall comes after the CSPC and Angelcare received reports of cord strangulation related infant deaths. An 8-month-old female died in Salem, Oregon in August,2004 and a 13-month-old female died in San Diego, California in November, 2011. Both reports state the cord from the sensor pads was pulled into the crib by the infant. The companies received two additional reports of infants tangled up in cords that are included in the monitor models, however, these did not result in deaths.

Angelcare has announced that it will be providing consumers with a repair kit to fix the problem. The repair kit includes rigid protective cord covers, new permanent electric cord warning labels, and revised instructions. The monitors were sold for about $100 to $300 to several retailers between 1999 and September 2013.