August is National Immunization Awareness Month

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month has arrived just in the nick of time. The United States and several other countries are currently attempting to convince people to take the COVID-19 vaccination. There has also been an ongoing battle between anti-vaxxers and the pro-vaccination crowd in regard to vaccinating infants soon after birth. 

August is a time to recognize the merits of immunization and ensure every child has the vaccinations necessary to live a safe and healthy life. Immunization is the most important preventive health measure a parent can take. The World Health Organization is adamant that the global medical community fully endorses vaccines and immunization. 

Vaccines Are in the Collective Interest

Though there are certainly plenty of anti-vaxxers on the internet, the American Academy of Pediatrics insists vaccines have an impressive 99% efficacy rate. The alternative to vaccination is to subject innocent youngsters to infectious diseases and chronic diseases resulting from infectious agents. In fact, the timely vaccination of a child even has the potential to prevent considerable suffering and even death stemming from all sorts of maladies such as measles, polio, pneumonia, whooping cough, etc. 

Vaccines Are Safe

Do some research into vaccines and you will find they are subjected to myriad tests prior to approval. These tests are performed to ensure patient safety. Vaccines protect the patient and also the community by halting the spread of infectious diseases. The CDC, FDA, and other groups carefully study vaccines to ensure they are effective and complications do not stand in the way of protecting public health.

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Why Immunization Is Important

There has been plenty of talk about herd immunity in the local Philadelphia media and beyond. Herd immunity occurs when a considerable percentage of those who are immunized reach a level where everyone, including individuals who are too ill or young for immunization, enjoys a level of protection. Have your baby vaccinated and he or she will thank you in the years to come. COVID-19 vaccination throughout the community will also help slow the spread of the Delta variant, protecting our vulnerable youngsters who are not yet eligible for vaccination.

The bottom line is it is important for Philadelphia-area residents and others to be immunized. There is no sense relying on herd immunity when our children are in harm’s way. Vaccination after birth, booster vaccinations, and recommended vaccinations against viruses such as COVID-19 are essential to protecting personal health and the health of our youngest community members. 

The moral of this story is immunization is a community-wide responsibility. This shared responsibility spurs collaboration between everyday people, public health officials, health care professionals, and others across Philadelphia. 

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