Eating Bugs May Help Fight Obesity

While most of us cringe at the near thought of insects being near us, the U.N. believes we should consume them to receive all their health benefits. Authors of a study conducted by the Forestry Department, which is part of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization say that the health benefits that come with consuming insects may help the world fight obesity. According to the study, insects contain just as much protein and minerals as meat or other health fats that are recommended for a health diet. Insect consumption is very popular among other countries. Over 1,900 species of insects are eating every day worldwide, especially in parts of the world like Asia and Africa. Over the years, more and more restaurants around the world have begun offering insect-based dishes as exotic delicacies. As popularity grows, more businesses are inventing creative ways to get people to eat them. Some people have gone as far as making chocolate or flavor covered bugs to get more costumers. Researchers believe that insect farming can lead to new export opportunities as well as provide more business.