OxyContin New Formula Makes Prescription Drug Abuse Impossible

It is becoming much easier for people to get their hands on various drugs. This is why health regulators are trying to come up with ways to make drug addiction harder to achieve. OxyContin is one of the best-selling painkillers available, but federal health regulators changed the formula of the pill, making it harder to abuse.

The Food and Drug Administration released a statement on Tuesday explaining that generic versions of the drug, containing the original formula will not be approved from now on because it increases the chance of abuse.

OxyContin is the nations top selling painkiller. Last year more than $2.8 billion was spent on prescriptions of it. Patients suffering from moderate to sever pain who are prescribed Oxyconin maintain more than 12 hours of steady level of oxycodone.

However, drug addicts were able to discover that a high similar to the one produced by heroin is achievable if the pill is crushed and snorted or if the whole does is injected at once.

Purdue Pharma LP, spent years developing a tamper-resistant formula for the new pill. Congress praised the new formula because they have been attempting to curb prescription drug addiction for many years.