Pediatric Services

Are you thinking about having a baby? Has someone in your family just welcomed a new bundle of joy to the family? At Prestige Home Care Agency, we know that having a baby is one of the thrills of life. That’s why we offer a full line of pediatric services aimed at both the new mother and then new baby.

We believe in educating the family when it comes to caring for a newborn, and we believe in offering the highest quality services for everyone involved.

New mothers can benefit from the services that a pediatric nurse provides. The services we offer include: initial baby assessment, lactation specialist, emotional support, feeding, sleeping, and changing routine, monitoring the umbilical cord, assistance with bathing, instructions on sterilizing baby bottles. Many of these services are both appreciated and necessary for many new mothers, whether it be because of scheduling constraints or because of living in a single-parent household. Whatever the case might be, at Prestige Home care agency, we strive to offer the highest quality services to all of our new mothers.

We also offer maternity and postpartum nurse services for new mothers. Prestige Home Care Agency will provide mothers with a nurse that walks with the mother through every step of the baby-care process. Our nurses play a dual role – one as nurturer and provider to the newborn, and one as health support liaison to the mother. A woman’s body faces some challenges after child birth, and our nurses are present to offer both aid and support. Services include basic vital sign monitoring, cesarean recovery, pain medicine administration, stress relief techniques, physical and mental support.

Prestige Home care Agency also offers registered maternity nurse visits. Due to their extensive certification and training, Prestige Home Care Agency nurses are able to examine and assess a baby in ways that guarantee the newborn’s health and vitality. A simple follow-up from a nurse after hospital release can prevent serious complications that may arise in the future. These services include: detection of health or developmental problems, wound care, injections and IV care, blood draws, monitoring heart rate, evaluating respiration, physician involvement.