Prestige Home Care Agency – Our Model of Care

Are you or a loved one considering in-home care? If so, Prestige Home Care Agency understands that you have particular needs and preferences. Our home care agency is located in Philadelphia and we serve individuals in the local area. One of the first steps that we take in our model of care is making sure that you feel comfortable with our staff and with our services. We start our process by completing a thorough patient assessment and then we follow through to complete an individualized plan that works best for your family’s needs.
Anyone considering home care knows that it can be a difficult transition time. At Prestige Home Care, we know that you want what is best for your unique family. We know that it can be stressful and complicated when many decisions must be made at once. For these reasons, we pride ourselves in employing only the most competent and compassionate caregivers. We direct our home care program every step of the way to ensure that each of your particular needs are being met.

At Prestige Home Care, our model of care focuses on the individual. We work closely with our families to help them navigate the word of in-home care. We help open the communication between family and physician and we make sure that you feel comfortable asking any questions as they arise. Each plan is developed so that it works best for the particular client’s needs. Because home care is unique for each individual, we do whatever we can to assure that you feel confident and at ease with your choices. We understand that it’s important to value and respect a client’s need for independence, familiar surroundings and companionship.

We offer services twenty-four hours a day, making us accessible for almost all family needs. Our entire staff works hard to ensure that quality services are provided promptly and professionally. Our goal is to treat each one of our patients with dignity and compassion. We truly consider each client a valuable part of our unique home care family. Our positive reputation exists because we employ only the highest qualified nurses and aides. We are affiliated with a variety of organizations and local government programs, as well. Prestige Home Care also employs bilingual employees who speak Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Polish. Our model of care is tailored to each unique individual. We do whatever it takes to ensure that only the highest level of care is provided to both you and your family.